Surveys show that people with ITIL certifications are significantly more sought after and earned substantially more than those with only technical skills


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Positions we normally staff - Process Consultants, Management Consultants, Instructors, Marketing and Sales

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Why ITIL? Many IT people have strong technical backgrounds however professional skills are almost always required for positions today. ITIL certifications are widely recognized and highly regarded as demonstrating the professional skills and capabilities of the holders of those certificates. And the pay scale usually goes along with that. Recent salary surveys have shown that ITIL certifications draw salaries in the range of 20% or more greater than just technical skills alone.

ITIL training adds that extra dimension to your skillset and can significantly enhance your career. ITIL certified professionals enjoy a wide variety of roles and responsibilities and work in the consulting field, for vendors and as employees in organizations pursuing process and quality improvements. Positions such as team leads, managers, planners, architects, business analysts, project leads, advisers and process engineers, to name a few, are open to ITIL trained individuals. There is also a rich field of self-employment opportunities.

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